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Click here for Districtr trainings. Register for 1-hour hands-on workshop that will prepare you to map Communities of Interest (COIs) in Districtr

Click aquí para assistir una sesion de entrenamiento en español (los lunes a los 5pm) para aprender como dibujar comunidades de interés en Districtr.

Public Redistricting Portal


The public redistricting portal is now closed to new submissions. To view the record of public testimony submitted through the Public Redistricting Portal and all comments on submissions, please review the links provided below. Each link will allow you to download a CSV file that opens in Microsoft Excel. Once open, you can view the post ID, title, type, and content of each submission, as well as a link to any Districtr map submitted along with it. All comments to submissions are provided in a separate spreadsheet that references the base map or submission the comment refers to. 

Click here to view the record of all submissions.

Click here to view all comments on submissions.

To view the CRC’s proposed maps, visit the Map Concepts page. To view the CRC’s final adopted maps, visit the Adopted Maps page. To view the CRC’s final report, visit the Final Report page or click here.