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Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: To propose district lines that are drawn fairly through a transparent, open, and participatory process for New Mexico’s Congressional delegation, the New Mexico Senate, the New Mexico House of Representatives, and the Public Education Commission.

Vision: To develop district maps that allow New Mexican voters to choose their elected representatives, not the other way around.

History of the Committee

The Redistricting Act (Laws 2021, Chapter 79, Sections 2 through 10) creates the seven-member Citizen Redistricting Committee. To view a copy of the Redistricting Act, click here.

Under the Redistricting Act, the members of the Citizen Redistricting Committee are selected as follows: Four members are appointed by the party leadership in each chamber of the New Mexico Legislature. One member is appointed by each the Speaker of the House, the Minority Floor Leader in the House, the President Pro Tempore, and the Minority Floor Leader in the Senate. Each of these four members may belong to a major political party. The State Ethics Commission appoints the Chair of the Committee, who must be a retired Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court or a retired Judge of the New Mexico Court of Appeals, and two members who are not members of either of the two largest political parties in the state.

The State Ethics Commission appointed members on June 4, 2021, through an open and competitive selection and interview process. The State Ethics Commission received 69 applications for the three member positions it appointed. The legislative appointing authorities each made their respective appointments in the first weeks of June 2021.

Committee Members

Hon. Edward L. Chávez, Chair (Appointing Authority: State Ethics Commission), Bio

Ryan Cangiolosi (Appointing Authority: House Minority Leader James Townsend) Bio

Hon. Lisa Curtis (Appointing Authority: Senate President Pro Tempore Mimi Stewart) Bio & CV

Robert Rhatigan (Appointing Authority: State Ethics Commission) Bio

Joaquín Sanchez (Appointing Authority: State Ethics Commission) Bio

Hon. Michael Sanchez (Appointing Authority: Speaker of the House Brian Egolf)

Christopher Saucedo (Appointing Authority: Senate Minority Leader Gregory Baca)